Matt Strietzel

Regulatory Analyst
Regulatory Intelligence Team

Matt Strietzel joined Bryant Christie Inc.’s Seattle office in 2014 as a Research Analyst on the Regulatory Intelligence team. Matt contributes to the maintenance of BCI’s Global MRL Database by researching, analyzing, and inputting data on international food regulations. He monitors developing policies and regulations across markets; advises clients on international food, pesticide, and trade regulations; writes for the BCI MRL News service; and manages BCI’s customized subscription newsletters, the BCI Monitor.

Matt has previous experience in the banking industry, handling transactions and maintaining branch compliance. He also wrote and edited content for an online travel start-up.

Matt graduated from the University of Washington, with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. While obtaining his degree, he studied abroad in Prague, researching political and economic issues in Eastern European countries, and studied German during an exchange program in Munich.