Global Access

Global Access

Don’t let unfair trade barriers and regulations restrict your exports. We open new markets and improve your access to existing markets around the world.


Open New Markets. Keep Markets Open.

Don’t let unfair trade barriers and regulations restrict your exports

How BCI's global access team and advocacy work benefit you:

  • Opens new markets and improves access to existing markets around the world
  • Eliminates unfair trade barriers
  • Provides you with the regulatory information you need to maintain market share

Market Access (Tariffs and Non-Tariff Trade Barriers)

BCI works with US negotiating teams during trade talks to lower tariffs on our clients’ products. We open new markets for products through participation in bilateral negotiations, cooperating with US and foreign governments, and addressing any technical concerns raised.  

Harmonizing Pesticide Maximum Residue Levels

Our work on international pesticide maximum residue levels (MRL) issues is unparalleled. We manage major foreign regulatory MRL transitions, seeks needed MRLs in export markets, and assist if there is a residue violation on a shipment.

Eliminating Phytosanitary Barriers

BCI opens markets by working with US and foreign governments to address legitimate pest and disease concerns, negotiate commercially viable import requirements, and by challenging protectionists requirements.

Reducing Tariffs

BCI works with both the importing and exporting government, and through trade agreement negotiations, to reduce the tariffs charged on our clients products.

BCI’s technical experts have decades of experience understating international regulations to ensure that issues such as registration, documentation, and labeling do not affect exports.

Notifications & Advocacy

In a global environment where regulations change daily, exporters want to know that somebody is monitoring the foreign regulations that can affect their shipments. BCI’s Global Access group has a variety of customized services that monitor the regulations you care about in target markets and proactively tell you if there is an issue before exports are affected.

MRL Advisor

Our MRL Advisor service informs you of MRL regulatory changes and whether they are relevant to you. 

EU Early Alert System

The EU MRL Early Alert System makes the complicated EU regulatory system understandable. When a proposed international change is problematic, BCI is prepared to be your advocate in opposing non-scientific, unjustified changes that could put your export shipments in jeopardy.