Staff Detail

Jeremy Bishop

Director, Technology and Product Development
Directors, BCGlobal at FoodChain ID

Jeremy Bishop joined Bryant Christie Inc. in July 1999 to assist with information technology (IT) issues and is currently the Director of Technology and Product Development at FoodChainID. In this capacity, Jeremy is primarily responsible for the design and development of BCGlobal's product-line. Jeremy also manages the International Rep Reporting System (IRReS) and Trade Statistics Reports, both developed by BCI.

Prior to joining the firm, Jeremy was a Marketing Services Assistant for Fritz Companies, an international logistic company. Utilizing Fritz's database systems, he was responsible for collecting and analyzing budget data for the Consolidation Services division as well as maintaining a website that informed staff on current European Relations.

Jeremy is a graduate of the University of Puget Sound with a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Business. He has also studied in Spain.