Jeremy Bishop

Director, Technology
Directors, Technology Team

Jeremy Bishop joined Bryant Christie Inc. in July 1999 to assist with information technology (IT) issues and was named Director of BCI's Technology Team in 2013. In this capacity, Jeremy is primarily responsible for utilizing Internet technology to design and maintain dynamic websites, international trade databases, and market research systems for BCI clients. Other duties include managing BCI's network and IT infrastructure for both the Seattle and Sacramento offices.

Jeremy also manages the International Rep Reporting System (IRReS) and Trade Statistics Reports, both developed by BCI. IRReS is a customized, Web-based management application that improves reporting from international marketing representatives and assists participants with the administration of the USDA's MAP program. Through a series of charts and graphs, Trade Statistics Reports give clients the ability to analyze world trade flows for their products and to compare these figures with global competitors.

In addition to his responsibilities with BCI, Jeremy also currently serves on the Electronics Communications Committee for the United States Agricultural Export Development Council (USAEDC). His responsibilities include assisting USAEDC with the management and maintenance of their website and additional Internet technology.

Prior to joining the firm, Jeremy was a Marketing Services Assistant for Fritz Companies, an international logistic company. Utilizing Fritz's database systems, he was responsible for collecting and analyzing budget data for the Consolidation Services division. He was also expected to maintain and update the intranet web pages and inform staff on current European Relations.

Jeremy is a graduate of the University of Puget Sound with a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Business. He has also studied in Spain.