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May 20, 2020

On May 20, Thailand's Food and Drug Administration notified the WTO of a proposal to delete the MRLs for chlorpyrifos and paraquat as regulated under Notification of the Ministry of Public Health, No. 387 (B.E. 2560) (2017) Re: Food Containing Pesticide Residues.

Comments are due within 30 days. Proposed MRL revocations will display in the BCGlobal Pesticide MRL Database on May 21, 2020.

December 12, 2019

On December 12, the European Union notified the WTO of the following MRL proposal:

  • G/SPS/N/EU/360: Draft Commission Regulation (EU) amending Annexes II and V to Regulation (EC) No 396/2005 of the European Parliament and of the Council as regards maximum residue levels for chlorpyrifos and chlorpyrifos-methyl in or on certain products.

The proposed MRLs from this WTO notification will be available in the BCGlobal Pesticide MRL Database on December 13, 2019.

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