Brazil Proposes MRLs
March 25, 2019

On March 18, Brazil's National Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA) published draft amendments proposing changes for Heterorhabditis bacteriophoraCordyceps fumosorosea, fludioxonil, cyprodinil, metiram, florpyrauxifen-benzyl, tebuconazole, azoxystrobin, metominostrobin, difenoconazole, chlorfenapyrReynoutria sachalinensis, spinetoram, fluroxypyr-meptyl, methoxyfenozide, fenpropimorph, etofenprox, and Purpureocillium lilacinum (links in Portuguese).

Comments on these proposed revisions must be received by May 16, 2019. Relevant proposed MRLs are currently displaying in the BCGlobal Pesticide MRL Database.

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