News & Insights | Matt Lantz Attends the Commodity Expert Working
Matt Lantz Attends the Commodity Expert Working Group (CEG) on Hops in Žalec, Slovenia
October 30, 2018
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The European Union is proposing to eliminate certain crop protection products used in hop production. Those proposals, dominated this week’s discussions at Commodity Expert Working Group (CEG) on Hops in Žalec, Slovenia. Matt Lantz, Bryant Christie’s VP for Global Access, is the only American member of the European CEG.

At the meeting, Lantz provided the European hop industry with a list of nine hop crop protection products that could be removed in the EU within three years. One is quinoxyfen (Quintec), a chemical that attacks a serious hop disease called powdery mildew. It could be removed from the EU next year, and while that would make it unavailable to EU hop growers, it would also effectively remove it from the US market because hops treated with it could not be exported to the EU. That could leave the 2019 hop crop vulnerable to this hop cone destroying mildew.

“The US and Europeans hop industries know they’ve got to encourage harmonizing technical standards’ Lantz said, “And they’ve got to present unified responses to EU proposals. BCI is helping with both.”

Shown here: Matt Lantz (at center), Dr. Kugel from Germany and Dr. Radišek from Slovenia enjoying the world’s only public beer fountain in Žalec, Slovenia.

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