Market Access

Market Access

BCI’s global access team will help you open new markets and improve access to existing markets around the world.

Addressing Phytosanitary Barriers to Trade

notifications and advocacy

BCI opens new markets for fresh products through participation in bilateral negotiations, cooperating with US and foreign governments, and addressing any technical concerns raised by the foreign market. 


BCI worked with the California Table Grape Commission, USDA, and the Australian government to open the Australian market for California table grapes.  Australia is now the industry’s fourth largest export market with over $400 million in sales since the market opened.

Harmonizing Global Pesticide Maximum Residue Levels (MRLs)

BCI has unparalleled knowledge of international pesticide MRL issues.  BCI manages major foreign regulatory MRL transitions, seeks needed MRLs in export markets, and assists if there is a residue violation on a shipment.


BCI obtained hundreds of MRLs for its clients in transitions to a national positive MRL list in such markets as Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia, Canada, and the European Union.

Reducing International Tariffs

BCI works with US negotiating teams during international trade talks to lower tariffs on our clients’ products.


As a result of BCI’s efforts in the US-Korea Free Trade Agreement negotiations, Korea eliminated its 18% tariff on cherries resulting in annual sales of more than $100 million, making Korea the largest export market for US cherries.

Addressing labeling, documentation, and other technical barriers to trade

BCI employs technical experts with a strong understating of international regulations to ensure that issues such as registration, documentation, and labeling do not affect exports.

BCI Solution in Action

BCI worked with the US government to challenge a Chinese documentation requirement that threatened $100 million in annual frozen potato exports.  The document requirement was adjusted.

Reviewing Foreign Requests for US Access

BCI works with technical experts to ensure that import requests from fresh products do not threaten domestic US production.

BCI Solution in Action

BCI has evaluated a market access request for access from India and identified potential pests of concern that could affect US growers.