Research & Information Services

Research & Information Services

Get the latest market intelligence on foreign market opportunities, competitive threats, regulatory requirements, and trade flows.


Crucial Intelligence About the Competitive Landscape

Your organization's strategic planning starts here

BCI’s Research and Information Services analyzes foreign market opportunities, competitive threats, regulatory requirements, and trade flows, and provides the market intelligence that’s essential to an organization’s strategic planning. Importantly, all the information that is needed to understand the global environment can be organized into a customized, client-proprietary database that allows you to access updated information in one place, in real time.

Market & Competitive Analysis

BCI provides the market intelligence and analysis needed to select new markets and develop market strategies in current or potential markets. BCI’s analysts assess market dynamics and trade flows, as well as competing local production and imports.  Similarly, BCI’s production studies provide a clear understanding of the productive capacity and distribution and export trends of key competitors in the global marketplace.

Customized Resource Center: Put regulatory intelligence at your fingertips

BCI builds customized databases of regulatory information specific to your products and your key markets. These user-friendly databases are called Customized Resource Centers (CRC).  Information included in them may include tariffs, quotas, phytosanitary standards, documentation requirements, food safety standards, product labeling, packaging requirements, and competitive factors. A CRC can be integrated into an internal IT environment, providing an easy, one-stop, up-to-date source of information. 

Program Evaluations

BCI provides objective, external assessments of an organization’s export promotion and market development activity.  Our professional staff examines program performance against previously determined key performance indicators, and evaluates the quality of the performance metrics. We assess the effect of the program activities, using qualitative in-country interviews with stakeholders and program targets.  The evaluation identifies where an organization is meeting its market development objectives and where it is not, and recommends ways to address weaknesses and strengthen impact.  

BCI can expand an evaluation into a strategic planning exercise.  Each effort is tailored to meet the needs and culture of the organization, and can involve strategic analysis, developing discussion materials, facilitating strategic planning sessions, or developing recommended strategies.

BCI Monitor    

Every week, BCI Monitor, identifies and synthesizes information from multiple sources around the world, then delivers a customized synopsis of regulatory changes and international trade developments that could affect a company’s or association’s exports.  Each BCI Monitor is tailored to your priority markets, relevant regulations, and product specific issues of concern.