BCGlobal Monitor

BCGlobal Monitor

A custom newsletter covering current regulation changes affecting your business.


Stay In Front of Changes Affecting Your Exports

Regulations change every day all over the world.

For company compliance officers and regulatory teams, keeping track of what is changing where is a huge job. Deciphering what matters to the company consumes even more time.

Cut through the noise with the BCGlobal Monitor.

The BCGlobal Monitor is a weekly customized newsletter designed to help companies stay informed of changes to agrochemical and food ingredient regulations. Delivered via email, each edition is specifically tailored to report on the markets and food products, commodities, or chemicals important to each organization.


Why Organizations Use the BCGlobal Monitor 

  • Customized Reporting

    Tailor your monitor content based on the regulatory topics most important to you

  • Comprehensive Monitoring

    BCGlobal Monitor content is sourced from the regulatory changes found in our extensive daily monitoring process.

  • Focused Analysis

    We extract the specific changes relevant to you and provide a clear summary with links to regulations.

  • Expert Consultation

    Consult with our team of regulatory analysts to further understand the issues that are most important to you

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