Market Development

Market Development

Take advantage of our global marketing services that increase your food, beverage, and agricultural export sales.


Develop New Markets & Expand Export Sales

How BCI Can Increase Your Sales

BCI’s market development unit designs and executes global marketing services to increase food, beverage, and agricultural export sales. BCI is well-equipped to:

  • Develop international strategic plans
  • Secure government grant funding
  • Implement marketing and promotional activities
  • Manage financial resources
  • Navigate regulatory compliance
  • Administer agricultural trade associations

Export Program Development & Management

A strong export program needs to be built with a solid and realistic strategic vision. BCI assists clients in developing that vision by evaluating existing programs and activity performance, conducting competitor analysis, and gathering feedback from in-country stakeholders.  The resulting strategic plan produces specific recommendations for elevating the performance of market development programs and increasing exports.

Expert Staff

BCI's experienced staff coordinate, plan, and attend activities such as trade shows, seminars, trade missions, buyer visits, retail promotions, and product demonstrations. These efforts combine to increase clients’ product visibility and market share.

Federal & State Government Grants

BCI specializes in preparing proposals and projects that offer significant export growth prospects while meeting grant requirements and regulations.

BCI can serve as your international marketing staff, helping you build and implement programs around the world.

Financial, Audit, & Compliance Management

BCI’s financial management team specializes in assisting organizations with complex budget and grant program compliance requirements.  We have expertise working with numerous export assistance programs and our thorough compliance review procedures, ensure our clients’ programs operate consistent with government and industry requirements. BCI has a depth of experience with vendor oversight, establishing and utilizing appropriate contracting and fraud prevention guidelines, invoice review and processing, reimbursement of expense claims, reporting matching contribution for grants, and managing audits and compliance reviews. 

Agricultural Trade Association Management

BCI’s team of market development and financial systems managers administer and oversee agricultural trade associations. General responsibilities in this area include assessment collection, board meeting preparation and management, preparing and distributing meeting minutes, reporting, and general accounting. Our team is also experienced in providing specialized services such as implementing industry export workplan protocols.